What is Duty Cycle?

Rated value details

When using solenoids, applied voltage and temperature increases are directly correlated. If the applied voltage is high, one can obtain a correspondently good level of attraction, but the solenoid’s temperature will rise rapidly. When applied voltage is low, the temperature of the solenoid will rise more gradually.

Takaha’s solenoids are set with Class A insulation (up to 105 degrees celsius). In cases where you will be continuously applying a current, please use the chart below to select the model that matches your desired voltage.

If you know in advance the frequency of use for the intended device, please consult the formula below.


The below charts are estimates uptime use. For cases where current uptime is 6%, limit a single current to within 15 seconds and use the formula above to compute necessary downtime.
* Uptime will vary depending on the environment in which the part is used. We suggest verifying real-world ratings after the part is installed.