How to Cusomize Solenoids

Customizing is required if you need specific spec of solenoid. Here is some information that it would good for you to understand when you customize solenoids.

Changing the Coil Specifications

The core operation of a solenoid is straight line movement. If you need movement in a straight, direct line, solenoids prove to be faster than motors, and controlling them is simple. Changing the coil piece also allows for greater Force. *Force is the force that pulls the solenoid plunger back.

difference between coils of solenoids

Changing the Plunger tip

The longer a solenoid’s stroke length, the less its Force. Therefore, a shorter stroke length will increase the Force.

If line A in the following graph shows conventional pulling characteristics, changing the shape of the plunger can change the line.

Chart of force and stroke

Changing the shape of the Plunger mount

E type snap rings and spring pins are variously attached when mounting and using a solenoid. Movement can be made more efficient by changing the shape to match the mounting side.

customizing pic

Changing the shape of the front surface treatment

A solenoid is an electrical part that moves a plunger. Thus, the plunger front surface gradually peels due to friction.

The peeling slows movement and becomes a major factor in the solenoid’s lifespan. In addition to the conventional nickel plating for front surface treatment, we also offer molybdenum or Teflon treatment for relatively low friction.

front surface treatment