Application of Solenoids

The solenoid works invisible in our lives. It is mainly used in the control equipment of the machine, and in familiar cases it is used in automatic door opening / closing system, coin mech of automatic vending machine, game machine and so on.

OA and Information Equipment

– Paper feeding for printers.
– Multifunction printer
   (incl. FAX, stamp machine and others)
– Laser beam printer
– Inkjet printer
– Bubble jet printer
– Dot printer
– Thermal printer
– Office printing machine
– Plotter

solenoids used in printers

Office and sales equipment

– Cash box rock for cash registers
– ESR Printer
– ECR drawer
– Card reader for office and sales equipment
– Typewriter
– Card label printer
– Time recorder

solenoids used in cash register

Consumer, audio, visual equipments

– Audio equipment
– Video equipment
– Camera

solenoids used in music audio

Automobile, in-vehicle equipment and agricultural machinery

– Shift lock
– Steering lock
– Key lock
– Smart key
– HID light switching
– Industrial engine
– Hydraulic (oil) control
– Seat belt

solenoids used in cars

Home and daily equipment

– Opening/closing ventilation fan shutter
– Water tap flow control
– Gas equipment
– Oil equipment
– Home electronics
– Rice cooker
– Home security equipment
– Water wash equipment
– Water cleaner

solenoids used in door knobs

Industrial instruments

– Sewing machine
– Knitting machine
– Weaving machine
– Pneumatic equipment
– Hydraulic (water) equipment
– Professional large printer
– Commercial printing machine
– Train station & Airport equipment

solenoids used in sewing machines

Medical and health equipment

– Simple blood pressure gauge
– Massaging tool
– Medical equipment

solenoids used in simple blood pressure gauge

Game and entertainment equipments

– Pachinko throttle
– Ball Dispenser between
    Pachinko game machines.
– Game equipment

solenoids used in pinball game machines

Vending machines, ATM

– Currency equipment
– Bank equipment

solenoids used in atm