why our solenoids?

#1 Japan Quality


only solenoids
over 40 years in japan

We have been putting our great efforts on Quality Controls as company policy. Thanks to strict quality controls in place in every department, we can offer reliably high-quality solenoids. All of our departments contribute to quality by carrying out inspections of supplied parts, quality control during manufacturing and inspections at shipping. 

That’s Why Our Solenoids Meet Your Expectation for Quality.

#2 Lower Price

A Whole Process to Manufacture Solenoids including manufacturing parts


No Outsoursing, No Extra Cost on Price.

That’s why we provide with Better price.


As an another benefit of whole Solenoid manufacturing processes In-house,
No need to communicate with other companies, but only internal communication.

Conventional competitors

conventional value chain

Extra communication required for outsourcing processes.
That would cause delivery delay, inflexible customization, inaccurate quality.


TAKAHA value chain

No Outsourcing, No communication required.
Thus, we can provide Prompt responses, quick customization and accurate quality with our customers.

Furthermore,TAKAHA Integrated manufacturing system brings
Our customers other 3 more Benefits for your needs of Customization as below.

#1 Agile Development & Planning Support

By centralizing our production lines, allowing us to use more diverse, sophisticated and miniaturized equipment, we can flexibly respond to requests for development and prototyping of any kind of solenoid, no matter what the requirements. Another unique strength of our integrated manufacturing system is its ability to respond to urgent design changes quickly and at low cost.

#2 Solenoid peripheral parts

At Takaha, we have divisions that handle molding, pressing and machining, which means we can also handle peripheral parts manufacturing all at once. Because of this, we can reduce the amount of time in the entire manufacturing process and cut interim costs, allowing us to offer products that fulfill our clients’ needs even more exactly.

#3 mass production in short lead-time

We can handle businesses’ common requests for mass production of solenoids in a short time entirely in-house, from development to assembly, which gives us flexibility. Another strength of our company is its ability to handle design changes after orders are placed quickly and at low cost.


– integrated production system –

Our entire communication to produce solenoids is completed internally, unlike conventional competitors that need to have a meeting with other suppliers. It is because conventional competitors produce solenoids based on outsourcing basis but we have a whole manufacturing processes of solenoids in-house so that no outsourcing required.

Thus, our integrated production system enables our designers and workers at site to have prompt and deep back & forth communication that is a key success factor of customizing solenoids. The system also enables us to find any potential defects at an early stage, changing designs promptly, optimizing a quality and short time delivery. We can do all of them in any production such as mass-production, small lot-production and customization.

7 Departments that ensure consistency in manufacturing

R&D cad system

#1 Development and Planning Division:

With a staff rich in experience and expertise, this division nimbly responds to client needs by proposing ways to increase our attractiveness and reduce costs. Naturally they implement environmental measures, but they also produce prototypes at by far the fastest speed.

machine for quality assurance

#2 Quality assurance department:

This department ensures the quality of all the other departments through quality control of all of our components made in-house, thorough inspections of supplied parts and quality assurance during the manufacturing process.

machine for metail die

#3 Metal Die Department:

Highly skilled staff finish exact die molds for quick delivery.
We can offer immediate fulfillment precisely because we take care of die mold maintenance and alterations in-house. Another of our company’s strengths is its ability to execute urgent design changes quickly, at low cost.


#4 Machining Department:

This department manufactures the iron cores and guide poles so essential to solenoids using the latest NC lathes. We match exacting requirements with our many years of experience and reliable technology. Thanks to our 24-hour operating schedule, we can handle urgent requests for additional production.

presshing machine

#5 Pressing Department:

In coordination with the metal die department, this department produces high-quality presses. It handles a wide variety of products, from solenoid frames to washers and switches.

molding machine

#6 Molding Department:

This department is capable of handling solenoid bobbins as well as solenoid unit parts. With a wealth of different materials at its disposal, it can respond to a variety of requests.

machine for coils

#7 Coil assembly Department:

Here high-quality solenoids are conscientiously produced one by one by skilled workers. With their motto, “Stick to the plan,” they keep a close eye on quality assurance right up until final delivery.

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