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What is “Solecon”?

Ever since Takaha Kiko started an online store for solenoids, we have received many customer reports from our hobbyist/inventors about their interesting creations and products made with sophisticated mechanical technology.

So, we thought we’ve got to have a contest!
Everybody knows about motors but not so much about solenoids!

“Solenoid?  What’s that?” is the question we get from people all the time!

Solenoid manufacturer Takaha Kiko therefore decided to host “Solecon” in order to showcase the wonders of this little-known mechanical driver: the solenoid.

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Benefits to Participate

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Displayed at Tradeshows

Award-winning works will be displayed on Takaha Kiko’s booth at public tradeshows and also uploaded on Takaha Kiko’s website.

Cash for solenoids

Over US$ 4,000 Prizes

Best Award winner receives $500 cash & $500 Solenoid Gift Coupon as well as Flight ticket to Japan! The total amount for all winners will be over US$4000!!

Like for Solenoid contest

Contribution to spread Solenoids

It is great oppourtinity to let people all over the world know what solenoids are and how they change people’s life better. Why not join us “Solecon”!

Best Awarded Products


solenoid contest 2016

Automatic Waribashi splitter

Produced by Ariake Kosen Waribashi Project

Ariake Kosen Waribashi Project created this piece out of their pursuit of fun, beautiful Waribashi (disposable chopsticks) snapping. All you need for perfectly split Waribashi is just to put them into the slot. How interesting! Only Ariake Kosen could create such a useful item! Behold Kosen students’ dedicated young spirit, merely to snap those Waribashi!!! Must have! Waribashi splitter!


solenoid contest 2015

Mr. Document Saver

Produced by Susumu Kawashima, Fumiya Sakai

Everyone must have gone through a sudden freeze of their computer in the middle of their thesis or document preparation, even before they could save the data.This “Thesis Protector” is a great invention to stop that tragedy from occurring. It presses Ctrl and S keys (shortcut combination to save data) to save your important data. With this, you will never waste your time even if you forget to save the data!


solenoid contest 2014

Automatic Cradle No.3

Produced by Anonymous

With a plunger, I automated pendulum motion for a baby cradle.