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What is “Solecon”?

Ever since Takaha Kiko started an online store for solenoids, we have received many customer reports from our hobbyist/inventors about their interesting creations and products made with sophisticated mechanical technology.

So, we thought we’ve got to have a contest!
Everybody knows about motors but not so much about solenoids!

“Solenoid?  What’s that?” is the question we get from people all the time!

Solenoid manufacturer Takaha Kiko therefore decided to host “Solecon” in order to showcase the wonders of this little-known mechanical driver: the solenoid.

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Benefits to Participate

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Displayed at Tradeshows

Award-winning works will be displayed on Takaha Kiko’s booth at public tradeshows and also uploaded on Takaha Kiko’s website.

Cash for solenoids

Over US$ 4,000 Prizes

Best Award winner receives $500 cash & $500 Solenoid Gift Coupon as well as Flight ticket to Japan! The total amount for all winners will be over US$4000!!

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Contribution to spread Solenoids

It is great oppourtinity to let people all over the world know what solenoids are and how they change people’s life better. Why not join us “Solecon”!

Best Awarded Products


solenoid contest 2019

Farting baseball

Produced by Kabu

This baseball can change the pitching rajectory by farting.


solenoid contest 2018

Asian Soul Food Pa Pa Pa Paaanda

Produced by Shimi Labo

I want to make a cooking appliance that brings laughter to the worlds’ kitchens. With this passion in my heart, I put popular “Gyoza” and “Panda” together…and created a chaotic piece again this year. I don’t care about its quality! Get excited for this!


solenoid contest 2017

Daily Pad Calendar Ripper

Produced by NEXT + α Iizuka Branch

Have you ever forgotten turning a daily calendar? This is a “Daily Mecripper” to help you. One sheet a day, it automatically turns a daily calendar. It is essential for forgetful you. It also has manual mode, and you can turn as much as you want!