Produced by 3 Jigen daisuke

One day, I bought my child a toy “little bear Tonpy “, and when I tried to move it, “What is this? What is this strange rhythm? If we don’t do this, our kids will be rhythmically challenged! (Excuse me!) Then let’s convert it into a controllable rhythm machine! We’re going to make the specs seriously useful in a live setting!!” Thus, Tonpy has solenoid coils built into each of his neck, right arm, and left arm, individually. Moreover, it evolved into the strongest bear-type rhythm machine “TP-808 Rev.” that beats at low to explosive speeds…

Fully automatic compress pasting machine

Produced by Ariake Factory

I tried to put a compress on my back, but I can’t… I can’t reach it… It is a machine that puts a compress in such a case. Grab the compress with the solenoid and spread it with long stroke solenoid. By setting the position in advance, it will be attached to your shoulders or back.

Rhythm puzzle box

Produced by Takopin

You can arrange the rhythm pieces according to the score, or enjoy the rhythm as a slide puzzle.