Network Stomper

Produced by Sasaki

It is a device that remotely controls the effector of an electric guitar. When the guitarist presses the switch at hand, a signal is sent via Wi-Fi, the drive is activated, and the foot switch on the effector is pressed. A solenoid (CB1037) is used for this drive part. In a live performance, when a guitarist comes out at the front of the stage, they cannot operate the effector that is installed at fixed position, but by using this device, you can operate the effector and change the tone while performing at any position. A device that opens up new possibilities for live performances.

Back all right

Produced by Masataka Nishina

For vehicles such as trucks and buses cannot confirm rear view by the rear-view mirror, so usually using a rear camera. The camera is fixed right below, so they can see only the vehicle directly behind (about 6 to 10 meters) when driving. By attaching the device I developed, the camera moves upward by 5 to 10 degrees while driving, and they see rear as safely as a rear-view mirror. When backing up, by putting the gear in reverse, a signal is sent to this system (solenoid) and the area directly below is automatically displayed on the monitor. Ensure safety when backing.

Solenoid Paper

Produced by Yuto Tanaka

I used a solenoid to make a woodpecker that pecks a tree. It is made by cutting and bending a piece of paper. I tried to make it with more emphasis on the process of making than the finished product itself.

Auto Moguchun

Produced by Nekomame

A device that automatically feeds small birds at a set time. The device acquires the current time by using the ESP32 microcomputer capable of both WiFi and Bluetooth communication. You can send a command to check the time, restart, and feed by using the Bluetooth serial monitor.

Mr. Dice does not fall from the desk

Produced by Nassu

A groundbreaking invention dedicated to all card and board game users. It solves problems such as dropping the dice from the desk and losing it, and the trouble of picking it up. Don’t say anything uncomfortable that you can just throw it in the box. That’s because it’s a solenoid.

Grandma, did you have an injection?

Produced by Anonymous

Blink 4 LED lamps for morning, evening and night. By putting a used injection needle in the upper tube, the LED lamps were turned off in order so that the person themselves and family could check the situation. It is reset every day by using a timer and can be automatically used repeatedly.

Mr. Takoyaki turn

Produced by Hirarin

I made a machine that spins takoyaki! But the real thing cannot be baked! Someday I would like to make a machine that can bake real takoyaki and have a takoyaki party with my family!

Dr. Solenoid

Produced by Mr. MAFUYUGE

— I had been wanting to apply for Solecon someday. I happened to see “Solenoid Detective ” by Mr. Eiji Miruno. This is it! I made it in about two months.
— Mr. Miruno’s work “I’m crying for too much technology!” is my life bible, so I tried to get as close as possible to the teacher of the “Solenoid Detective Corps” I’m working on. If you wear this, you can become a teacher who appears in “Solenoid Detectives”.
— The mask and controller are size: 50cm x 50cm x 50cm to fit in, I tried to be creative.
— I had a hard time getting the microcontroller, solenoid and LEDs to work at the right time!


Produced by NIT-Sendai suelab

Is it an arm?? SOLEARM!!! The ratchet wrench is used to convert the linear motion of the solenoid into rotary motion. CW/CCW (clockwise/counterclockwise) can be selected by switching the ratchet. Using this mechanism, I made a two-joint arm. You can control each by 20 degrees using the controller. The SOLEKIT Clapper Nano mechanism is attached to the tip, so it can catch and release. Please have a look at the powerful movement of SOLEARM using a long stroke solenoid!


Produced by Team Shinkai lab

The thing that is indispensable for people today is the smart phone. That’s why it’s so sad when your smartphone breaks (T_T) But with this work, we can say goodbye to such sadness.
~One step ahead of the future~

Poco rit.

Produced by Wakame suupu

Poco rit. The great original → sm15230821

automatically pucchin the Pucchin pudding robot

Produced by Yuzulemon

Pudding, as soon as you got home. We want to eat Pucchin Pudding as soon as possible! That’s often the case!? So, I developed a robot that instantly pushes when you set a plate…
Solenoid used: CBS1240

Automatic plastic bottle crusher

Produced by National Institute of Technology, Toyota College Tanaka lab

I thought that should make this device because the school plastic bottle trash accumulates very quickly. By gradually shifting the expansion and contraction timing of the four solenoids, it is converted into a stable rotary motion like an engine. By increasing the power of the solenoid with a reducer, PET bottles for carbonated drinks can also be crushed! However, it takes time.

Ping Pong!

Produced by Masa kun (Kanagawa Institute of Technology, Kosaka lab.)

Ping pong ball launcher.

Mr. Distribute cards

Produced by Mitsu

When playing a card game, the loser often gives out cards for the next game. As a result, the more you lose each time, the less fun you get. So, in order not to make you feel that way, I made a device that gives out playing cards this time. This device uses two solenoids (SSBC-0830) to send out playing cards one by one. The two operations of “press the slide mechanism against the bottom playing card” and “slide the playing card” are realized simply with two solenoids. There is a knob for setting the number of people at the rear of the device, and you can distribute playing cards from 1 to 4 people.