Produced by Honda han

Have you ever fallen asleep in the middle of your studies and failed a test, or on a train, the person next to you fell asleep and leaned on your shoulder? That’s when “Sole Punch” comes in! A solenoid-based locking mechanism can be released by the controller to move the hammer left and right. You can swing down freely. You can also switch between modes to prevent yourself from falling asleep in the automatic release mode with the distance sensor. A bleeping hammer swung back! When you never want to go to sleep, or when you don’t want to put yourself to sleep, the “Sole Punch” protects you from sleepers.

Playing sick support system

Produced by Suiccho

Nowadays, playing sick is considered to be an essential skill for elementary and junior high school students, and it is planned that playing sick education will be compulsory from 2075. Therefore, in order to make the playing sick more familiar, we have developed a system “rub the thermometer on the blanket to make the body temperature appear high” and anyone can easily can play sick.

An umbrella that can experience the power to change the weather from rain to sunny

Produced by Goichiro

According to the children who control the weather, they seem to be moved by the mere sky. It feels good when it’s sunny. Then, if we can make it clear anytime, we feel happy everywhere… I couldn’t do that, and the result of doing what I could do just by wanting to experience the moment of changing the weather with love.

Mom guard

Produced by Gokkenn

There are a lot of things you want to keep secret about your mom in your room, right?? However, if your room had no lock, you will be frightened to your mom… Therefore, the “Mam Guard” created this time, even in a room without a lock, it protects you from invading moms. Since it is realized by the link mechanism, never allow moms to enter unless she breaks the knobs!!!

time to get used to glasses is unexpectedly long

Produced by Final Research Institute

I started wearing glasses recently. When I look at my hands while wearing glasses during class, I get motion sickness and feel uncomfortable. Therefore, I had to shift my glasses every time I looked at my hand. This is hard every time. So, we have developed a fully automatic glasses lifting helmet. The gyro sensor detects that the head is depressed and drives the solenoid to lift the glasses.

Finger teleporter

Produced by Kabu

Finger transfer device

Mr. Mobilization and Ms. Attracting customers

Produced by Myu

The savior of an event where the number of customers is sluggish! It is possible to increase the number of staff in no time at a low price! A design that everyone recognizes as a Japanese face! It is possible to mass-produce a Japanese audience without any discomfort! Not suitable for open-air outdoor events. I used SSBH-0830-01 that was in this year’s solenoid lucky bag. For customers who suddenly increased their production, the solenoid is included in the Solet Kit series. I didn’t have a spring so I made it by imitating. I drew the picture like a free certain shop.

Ratchet solenoid

Produced by Kami bag

The ratchet was switched with TPP solenoid, and the drive shaft was rotated with the push solenoid to obtain high power. I made the rachet mechanism with a strong commitment.

Solenoid V6 generator

Produced by Jo Yun Sung

It is a V6 engine type generator that uses a solenoid.


Produced by Takayuki Kosaka

Smeruppy is a delightful robot that responds to bad breath and breathes a tablet “breath care”. Just breathe out on Smeruppy, it measures the alcohol concentration in the breath and if the value is high, it will spit out a breath care. For example, it’s great for shops, workplaces, and etiquette before dating.

Handless face lotion Unit 1

Produced by toriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

This is the first handless lotion that allows you to spray lotion on your face without using your hands. The author, who dislikes getting the face lotion on his hands when applying it to his face, has developed a device that automatically sprays the face lotion just by bringing his face closer. It is a form that I have researched various sprayers and various mechanisms that move them with solenoids. I think it is epoch-making that the solenoid is floated in the air and the force that the whole solenoid moves is used. Also, the sound of the solenoid swaying is comfortable and addictive!

Advent Box

Produced by Kumamoto Prefecture 3D Printer Study Group

I tried to making box the Advent calendar used to count the number of days until Christmas. The box is unlocked by recognizing the voice “Advent Box” specified in advance. It is a product that utilizes a solenoid. Members of the Kumamoto Prefecture 3D Printer Study Group cooperate to produce this product.

Accordion playing robot hand

Produced by Takayan

Our team made an accordion playing robot. Since the main body exceeds the size requirement, only the hand can be applied, but this hand allows you to play on a keyboard such as an accordion or piano. In addition, instead of operating the hand in a fixed manner for the specified song, the MIDI file is analyzed and the optimum hand operation is calculated. This allows the robot hand to play any piece of music.

QiPad push

Produced by INOUELAB

A wireless charging not be charged, if the put place is slightly off. This device was made for such a case. It’s kind of tempting to cheer when you see this movement and how it works. At the same time, it makes me want to play pranks, so I put it on purpose…

Pestle type Mochi making machine

Produced by Sio

It is a rice cake making machine that uses the pushing force of the solenoid. We also made a mechanism for a 3D printer. It has been a large product. I made a large product for the first time in a long time. Crafting is interesting. Thank you for the fun opportunity.