Produced by Nagisa

Documentary work that can not be avoided at any work. It’s hard to handle a lot of documents. I want to make my work easier! So we automated the approval mark after the document confirmation. It is an support device that makes complicated document work a little more efficient.

ticket issue machine

Produced by Takki

It is a machine that automatically issues a number card with a solenoid. It simply works with solenoids, micro switches and batteries without using microcomputers or ICs. When turned on manually, ticketing starts and the power is automatically turned off when the card is lost.

Fart baseball

Produced by kab

This baseball can change the pitching trajectory by farting.

Grandmother's order

Produced by Shorin-Inopa!

It is a device to ask for grandpa and grandma living away. When the grandchild presses the listening button on the smartphone or tablet, the grandparent’s home device starts moving, and it turns out that the grandchild’s hearing has come.When the grandparents operate the button, a request will be sent by e-mail.

Game Center Breaker

Produced by Yukihira

If I control the claw machine buttons on the game center with solenoids, can I easily get the goods? ?
IIt was produced taking this opportunity. A versatile device that supports all claw machine buttons.
There is an answer in the video if it can take goods. How is the end of a fantastic device.


Produced by Takopin

Clappers play the famous rhythm of Queen. As they continue to slap forever, I have always feel comfortable. The solenoid uses 4 CB08300480. I made a sequence with Arduino and driven it with 16V using a transistor array.

Fugashi and Umaibo Vending machine

Produced by Fu-chan

It is a vending machine for “Umaibo” (snack sticks) made byUmaibo loving “Fu-chan”.Because there are individual differences in shape in the bag umaibo and confectioneries struggled to make a mechanism to put out stably without clogging, and repeated trial and error about 20 times. I also struggled with the coin feeder.

Video storage

Produced by drao

It is a video safe made using Takaha Kiko’s slim lock. You can only open the safe with a registered FeliCa card. There is an additional door inside the safe, making it a hidden door. By storing the video in the hidden door, it is usually camouflaged as an ordinary safe, so no one can notice the hidden video. To reduce the standby power of the safe, turn off the power when it is not needed. Electronic paper is used to indicate whether the safe is in use or not even when the power is off. Slim Lock does not require power to maintain the lock, so 4 AA batteries can be used for a long time without battery replacement.

Net play NES

Produced by BlurTone

I want to play on the NES with friends who live far away !! In order to realize this hot feeling, we have made it possible to play mini-NES on the net. Control the solenoid via the Internet and physically press the button to control the NES remotely. The time lag of the Internet has become a modest handicap, and it has been completed into a fun and enjoyable work.


Produced by KAIT kosaka seminor

Fully automatic knocking machine Knock-kun
“Knockun” knocks automatically. If you want to knock on the door in the bathroom or entering the room, just attach it to the wall and it will knock on automatically. The time to knock can be used effectively.

sound of rain

Produced by “Ame no Oto” Production Committee

The sound of raining without getting wet on a rainy day gives a sense of security as opposed to the outdoor depression. I tried to make something that I could hear when I wanted to hear the sound of raindrops ringing between such coldness and warmth.
* *
Maybe this is music
— musics? There is a pitch of the sound and the rhythm, it seems that it is a series.
— Hmm … a bit … maybe I did it too much … Maybe … but …
(From the anime “The Girl’s Last Trip” Episode 5 “Raining”)

Pile bunker

Produced by Toma

I felt romance in the dynamic look of the long stroke solenoid. I tried to make a lot of romance using this.

I try to get over

Produced by Kyo

Because the video that the character named “Fukkireta” (get over) just shook his hips was very funny, I tried to make it with the solenoid and the link. We used Takaha Kiko’s push solenoid CBS 08300120.