Dove clock?

Produced by icchi

I tried to make a pigeon watch using a solenoid, and I wanted to make it tasteful, so the case is made of wood. There were various changes such as specifications, but it was the last good memory of my student days. (February 12, 2019) Production Nagaoka University of Technology Radio Department

Vibration generating unit

Produced by hasizoujp

This is my first post. In order to get used to using solenoids for the first time, I tried to create a “main mechanism of solenoids with the smallest parts” and tried to create a “only generates vibration utnit”. I would like to base it on the next idea.

cake tobun-kun

Produced by Team Shinkai Lab

Although the cakes eaten by a large number are delicious, it is difficult to divide them equally if the number of people increases. Such a problem of fulfilling life is solved “cake equal part-kun”!
~ “The future of the team” Team Shinkai Lab ~

Solenoid swivel unit

Produced by Takanori Iwashita

The plunger solenoid is a direct acting type, either pulling or pushing. If it rotates within the stroke range, it has a different application from the rotary solenoid and it may be used as an external accessory.

Solenoid fan

Produced by exabyte

A fan using a solenoid. Although the sound is a bit noisy, it contributes to the creation of a summery atmosphere.

Beans of truth

Produced by Yukai Lab

Taking a self-portrait, the demon will determine how old you look. And the demon shoots beans for the number of ages. From now on, rather than throwing beans to demons, demons shoots beans!

cat banban-kun

Produced by KAIT Kosaka Seminar

Do you know the Cat Bang Bang Project? Cats love the warmth. On a cold night, they get into the car engine room and sleep. If you start the engine in this state… Seriously … So Nissan tweeted the project. “Let’s bang the bonnet before getting on the car!” However, if you touch the hood, your hands get dirty. But! If you have a cat bang bang, there is no such worry. There is no need to bang bang with your hand. You can easily bang the bonnet remotely.

Woodpecker - Here's a grate Wi-FI

Produced by Haniwa

Woodpecker get noisy by the amount of data traffic. Using SNMP to check the difference every two seconds, the bell ringing in response, the woodpecker moving in reaction. This is a dream item that makes it possible to visualize and hear the movement of the radio wave that does not stop in the eyes or in the ears, and connected with the world. Because the author is clumsy, woodpeckers and drawings are not good enough.


Produced by Ibaraki – Masatakayuki

Kendo’s cool technique “Men Kaeshi Do (head return body)”. Even if you want to learn it, you can not training by yourself. It is difficult to ask others because it is painful if you fail in the technique. To you, I made a “Kaeshi Do” training machine. Kendo practice tool in the world is only hit, but does not hit back.I made a training machine which hit back. I expressed faithfully the sharp swing and the great hit timing called “Tame”.

usb solenoid

Produced by pichan

I tried to make a solenoid that can be used with USB power so that the solenoid can be used more familiarly. A low current 6-12 V solenoid can be used mostly. It is ECO with standby power 0 because it raises 5V USB power supply to 12V with Amazon’s boost base and turns on / off with micro switch. This base can boost 5V to 5-28V and is affordable at about 100 yen. Ideal for primary school children’s work and first experience with solenoids.

sole nuku

Produced by Shan hair laboratory

We will introduce you an automatic tweezer “Sorenuku” to you who is hesitant to remove hair. Please enjoy the exhilarating feeling that automatically pulls out when you pinch your hair.

Solenoid drum robot

Produced by kotaki

Using the control circuit to control the music data from the computer, move the solenoid and hit the drum. It is cheap and easy to install, and you can get a more realistic sound than software sources. It is made for practical use.

solenoid mole hitting

Produced by Prestigious soul

Using 3 CBS1240. The production period was about half a year, and 2 students produced it. It is a work made in the study of high school. Parts made with 3D printer use both PLA and ABS. The program used is C language. The case covering the work is cardboard with paper. Mole is made from the core of toilet paper. There are various other inventions. I tried to make this work and I could understand the convenience of solenoid and the fun of manufacturing.


Produced by Gonmasa

I made this machine because I want to mold the shape like multi-forming using a solenoid because the hand is clumsy …
The iron plate can not be bent by the solenoid, so the copper wire is bent.

Shoulder strike Noiko-chan

Produced by Zuki and Banchan with Tsuyomon

Do you have shoulder stiffness? The device for relieving stiff shoulders is this “shoulder tapnoiko-chan”. When you press the button on the controller, the machine rhythmically hit your shoulders. And turn the knob to change the speed of hit the shoulders.