Counter clock Chronos

Produced by Q-bot Electronics

I made a mechanical watch using the counter sold at 100 Yen Shop. Click here if you want to know more.

Chocolate Dispensing Machine-Valentine Faucet

Produced by B.B.Korry

Just tap the faucet and it’s convenient to have water! Recently there is also a faucet that produces orange juice and beer. We want to do this convenience even if it is solid! That’s why I made a faucet from which solids came out! !

Tabletop Pinball - Binary Star

Produced by Noguo

This pinball is 1/3 the size of a real pinball. The theme is to make a real pinball with a desktop size. I designed and 3D printed from each one of the parts, and produced both the program and the sound alone. I went to play Pinball every week, analyzed the mechanism and interest of Pinball and re-expressed it on the table. The solenoid is muscle in the pinball. This work also uses solenoids for all drive parts. I think even the operation sound of the solenoid has become one of the attraction of pinball.

Automatic hitting device for PKG

Produced by N Lab.

I tried to make a hit device for battle of an application. It is a device that the smartphone can easily make a tap by touching the aluminum foil.

Egg split robot - Egg pakker

Produced by Kerokerobot

This robot divides raw eggs roughly. Robots loaded with raw eggs are lifted and dropped many times by solenoids mounted on both sides. The solenoids are operated with the switch on and off. My friend said “I want to make a robot that deivides raw eggs beautifully.” so I said, ” I make a robot that divides raw eggs roughly!” This robot was born. The name is “Egg pakker”, because it breaks eggs “pakker”(Onomatopoeia). fully automatic frustration machine

Produced by Iseba

Originally I was making something like this. “Switch? Web” (own site) It works just like “the switch is turned on and another switch is turned on regardless of how much the switch is turned on, and you will keep pressing the switch on and on”. But personally, I can not stop being addicted. Such as crushing the bubble wrap of the packing material. “It’s fun with software, so it’s fun to make hardware that works the same as this?” The actual operating conditions are as shown in the video, and the response speed and strength of the solenoid were indispensable for the device to push the toggle switch down. You can also enjoy the touch of pressing the toggle switch – You can not feel it with “Switch? Web” 
– Beautiful operation of solenoid
– Sound of solenoid pushing back the switch

Solesole pekker-kun

Produced by URUKA Technologies

In order to apply to the Solecon, soldering is required when creating a circuit to operate the solenoid. “Sole sole pekker-kun” will assist you in the soldering. This will supply solder without hesitation. Surely it may be useful when applying for Solecon. However, I would like to participate in Solecon more easily and I introduce it also.

That business card ~once-in-a-lifetime chance~

Produced by Factory manager (aNo Lab)

A tool for quick business card exchange. A business card pops out from under the clothes. You can remember the name by the impact. When the push switch is pressed, the solenoid is pulled and the lock is released, and the power of the rubber causes the business card to pop out.

1 / f fluctuation Automatic tremolo machine

Produced by Tomoto Washio

This is a machine that vibrates the guitar pick at a frequency mixed with 1 / f fluctuation and can play relaxing music. I used the solenoid I saw in the workshop at San Jose.

Baseball game

Produced by Indecisive people

It is a game for indecisive people. First, set the dishes you want to eat. Then stick the menu on the board and press the button to roll the ball. The ball passes through the obstacles and arrives at a random menu! The rule of this game is to go to eat the menu ball roled!


Produced by Amaennaringo

My parents and I go to bed in one room. When I go to the bedroom after finishing the task, on both sides of my futon, a great chorus of “snoring” every day!!!!! This gadget solves the troubles in the way “Pinch their nose” you often see it in dramas and animations.

The mechanical wind bell

Produced by kiiroinya

Solenoid “CBS10290100” is controlled by micro: bit and relay, and sounds a metal wind bell. There are three modes: “Dice”, “Semi-auto”, “Full-auto”, and “Wind bell (sounds at random time)”.

Smart delivery box

Produced by BitPickers

I invented a smart home delivery box to prevent you from feeling sad caused by missing to receive a courier. I think this enables the delivery staff and myself to build a win-win relationship. It was the first electronic work, but it was fun because the ideal was made.

denken minister

Produced by Gokken

It was created only by two students of Numazu National College of Technology mechanical engineering department. A fully-automatic Morse code writer “DENKEN minister”. The concept is, “To your side, Morse code.” This machine allows anyone to convert any character to Morse code and print it on paper. Unlike the conventional Morse code writing machine, it has the advantage of being able to input characters from the keyboard, print it on paper, and anyone can easily handle these mechanisms. The mechanism part is created with reference to the “Denken = Telegraph key”, which is a machine for writing morse signal, and controlled by “Raspberry Pi”. The solenoid CH12840500 is used for the mechanism to operate the writing pen.


Produced by team M&A

Sontakun read the air of the classroom and the meeting room. Monitor the concentration of CO2 and notify of ventilation when the concentration goes up. Improve efficiency of study and work by promoting ventilation! Infection control such as influenza! The measured CO2 concentration is accumulated on the cloud, so it can be checked from your smartphone. Because it is a photo frame size, you can easily hang it on a classroom or meeting room.