Hitori Glass

Produced by Hana chan & Muratsuba

Everyone has experienced drinking alone at least once. You might enjoy your free time without people to bother you. However, the space without “that sound” can make you feel lonely sometimes. Hitori Glass turns that loneliness into pleasant company.

Trash Sorting Machine “Renho”

Produced by Team Shinkai Labo

This revolutionary machine called Renho sorts your trash into the burnable and non-burnable. We offer you a dreamy solenoid life with our most advanced machine!

Asian Soul Food Pa Pa Pa Paaanda

Produced by Shimi Labo

I want to make a cooking appliance that brings laughter to the worlds’ kitchens. With this passion in my heart, I put popular “Gyoza” and “Panda” together…and created a chaotic piece again this year. I don’t care about its quality! Get excited for this!

Fully Automatic Annoyance Device

Produced by gyojir

The device that annoys you automatically. You’ll get annoyed.

Binary Number Pointing Machine

Produced by Hardware Engineering Lab.

You can study binary numbers with this solenoid machine! You can learn while you have fun copying this human-hand-shaped machine!

Yonmoku Narabe (connect four) Game Machine

Produced by Iwate Industrial Technology Junior College Electronic Technology Department

I made this “Yonmoku Narabe (connect four) Game Machine” for my graduation research in 2017. You place ping-pong balls by controlling solenoids and motors with a PIC microcomputer. It operates automatically except for the push button operation. Even just watching balls move around is quite fun.

Toilet Paper Server

Produced by Anonymous

This robot cuts off toilet paper for you with a solenoid’s power.

Added Stroke Solenoid

Produced by Anonymous

You can get any length of stroke with this Solenoid!