Korondemo Naoki

Produced by Naoki

Everyone is like an egg at first. Its motivating power is your passion (aka solenoid). Keeps falling? If you don’t give up…it gets straight up if you keep trying little by little. It’s alright! You have people support you! You can do it! You can do it! You definitely can do it! Believe in yourself and realize your dream by breaking a shell called the “limit”! This has my message: “You are a golden egg from today!” It felt like I was possessed by someone else towards the end of my work.

Auto Vegetable Cutter

Produced by Ahhi

Cooking can be such a burden when you live alone. I made a device with a solenoid that automatically cuts up vegetables for you. It also can cut various things very well, not only vegetables. In addition, you can easily adjust the length of the cut by using its voice synthesis system.

Fragrance Mist Device

Produced by Norio Kon

This machine sprays out essential oil from the container when the solenoid activates by motion sensor. A motion sensor detects an IR ray when someone comes nearby, and a stick attached to the solenoid replaces a human finger and automatically pushes the top of the spray bottle. By this motion, it spreads refreshing scent of essential oil in a wide range.

Hand Spinner Spinner

Produced by nozapu

I made this machine for people who like watching hand spinners spin but don’t want to spin them themselves.


Produced by Nekuaru Iizuka-branch

Meywa Denki’s electronic instrument “Otamatone” was difficult to play by hand. So I made a device to play it automatically. I put 18 solenoids on each musical scale and programmed it to move to MIDI data.


Produced by B.B.Korry

It definitely will be fun if I combine the rhythmic sound of the Japanese drum and a D.J.’s cool scratching! So I just put them together into one music instrument. You can play accompaniment intuitively with the turntable and rhythm button. Let’s be party people with this machine!

Takaha Forest

Produced by Solenoid Cheer team

I was moved by the Takaha Kiko CEO’s passion for making solenoids as well-known as motors. I thought children should get opportunities to learn about solenoids in elementary or middle school, so I worked on creating something interesting and easy enough to handle for kids.

Semi-Auto Screw Sorting Machine

Produced by Kosen Teacher

I made a machine that sorts screws “semi-automatically”. It weighs a screw and decides its length. It moves the solenoid according to the length of the screw to make a pathway for it. It is such a waste not to reuse the huge amount of screws after breaking up robots from tech college robot contests!

Hanko Chan

Produced by Team Honda

Have you ever felt too lazy to get up when the delivery guy is at your door? Hanko chan will help you solve the issue!!.

Shochu Server Rika Chan

Produced by Team Honda

We had a gathering with drinkers and ended up with this idea of making a Shochu server. The solenoid valves activate when the electric current flows, and pours liquid from the containers!

Coin Separator

Produced by too much talker

I made Coin Hitter as Japanese currency has many kinds of coins, and I thought it would be convenient to organize them.

Rubber Gun Shooting Range

Produced by ME Tanaka

Shooting range for rubber gun shooting. The targets automatically return to the starting position so you can save time and enjoy shooting a lot. I made it look like a magic trick so people wonder how the targets come back. It is a V-engine structure with basic pull solenoids and rubber bands for the parts, so you can easily replace them when there’s a problem.

Geo Socks

Produced by Uruka’s Township

The world’s first!? socks machine that automatically pairs up socks after washing then sends them flying to you. I developed this to help busy moms doing their big family’s laundry. It has a convenient drying function and crime prevention system with motion detection sensor. It is easy to use for any age as it is a simple interface with push button and voice assistance.

Vacuum Hand

Produced by Yuji Uchiyama

Good news for those who wish there were handles for something hard to carry. I invented an assist tool – you can attach handles to anything as long as it’s a flat surface! Their load resistance is better than other sucker type ones on the market! You can even use them to be like that famous hero from an American comic, if you use them right.

Smart Home With Solenoid

Produced by TETRASTYLE

“Turn on the light!” “Yes, turning it on…. Flip.” It is connected to a smart speaker (Google Home) and turns on the light for you. By pulling the string.