Fetal Movement Sharing System Ver2.0”

Produced by Takayuki

It is a system that detects and shares fetal movements. Quickening is something only pregnant mothers can feel. They can share it with their partner or others by using different kinds of actuators. We have developed systems that use balloons on the abdomen to visualize fetal movements. However, we were told the balloons’ movement is too weak for quickening in late pregnancy, although they show it very well during the early stage. So, we’ve solved this issue by installing long stroke solenoids. Expecting moms’ partners and families will feel more loving to the baby by sharing his or her movements, we believe.


Produced by Skilled Workers

New addition to Aizu’s traditional folk toy, Akabeko. This is “Solebeko,” and it detects hand claps and bangs its head with a solenoid. He brings you hot, metal spirit.


Produced by Masao Wakasa

I made this device to mock a hair plucking movement, by taking advantage of solenoids’ suction force limit. I’m not sure if the video does the job, because you can only understand this feeling when you actually use it.

Corn Pota Pota

Produced by Skilled Workers

Canned corn potage often has grains stuck on the bottom. With this Corn Pota Pota, you can take them all as the solenoid taps the can for you. Say good bye to the stress of leftover corn.

Full Color Popcorn With Heat Gun

Produced by sweet electronics

This is a project to cook popcorn and melt candies into them with a heat gun so they turn multi-colored. We used solenoids to crush candies to make them easy to melt.


Produced by Nekuaru Iizuka Branch

Have you ever forgotten to take your daily medicine? Let me introduce you to this alarm robot “Kusurippi” to prevent that issue. It has an inner clock system that cheerfully alarms your medicine time. Besides, it puts out a single dose of your medicine when you press its hat!

Vertical Drop Device ~with solenoids~

Produced by An ordinary high school student

We are ordinary high school students. We got interested in the solenoid when we found out it was used as a kicker for an autonomous robot. We developed a vertical drop device with solenoids to drop objects straight. You can drop any object accurately onto the target! We normally use this device to research water splash. It was also used for an experiment called, “Vibration sensing and escaping reaction of the German cockroach.” We are promoting solenoids so we presented it overseas as well. We are going to present “Water splash from vertical drop device ~with push solenoids~” at a conference in March.

Full Automatic Fly Closer

Produced by Solenoid Contest Project

Made by Ariake Technical College Solenoid Contest Project. The world’s long-awaited robot is completed! It prevents men’s worst nightmare: “wide-open fly phenomenon!” Amazingly, it detects an open fly and automatically closes it. You don’t have to worry even when you find your fly open in public. It secretly closes it for you.

Mobile Kabedon

Produced by Anonymous

Everybody’s dream “Kabedon”!!! We made this “Mobile Kabedon” to grant that wish. You get that heart pounding feeling not only in your house but in public as well! It’s great you can feel this sweet feeling with solenoids!

IH Solekonro Jaken!

Produced by Shisa

Burning clothes by misusing a gas stove is a common fatal accident for senior citizens. But a lot of them are familiar with gas stoves and are hesitant to use an IH heater. Some people with Mild Cognitive Impairment showed retained function or reduced symptoms by cooking. Therefore we made a prototype converting the interface used by an IH heater into a gas stove operating system, so senior people can use an IH heater more easily.


Produced by Sendai KOSEN Matsunaga Lab.

Most vehicles have motors for their power. However, this Chariot travels by solenoid power. I came up with this revolutionary idea “to convert solenoids’ liner motion to a tire’s circular motion,” as solenoid is the only material to be used. It runs strong to live up to its namesake the chariot!

Making Measuring System for Stress Level with Solenoids

Produced by Fukuoka Institute of Technology Junior College Robot project

We made a stress level measuring system with a heart rate sensor and Arduino. This system shows your stress level by controlling the shooting mechanism according to your heartbeat. We used solenoids for the shooting mechanism part.

Digital Hourglass

Produced by BotchWatch

This is a clock of an unlikely fusion of a digital clock and analog hourglass, to enjoy one small unique touch.

Switch Osu Kun with A

Produced by ”ARK”

This device is to press a switch by linking GoogleHome and Arduino (ESP8266).  We put Arduino as an HTTP server. It kicks Lambda in AWS from GoogleHome then operates the solenoid as it gets Arduino’s HTTP. This one has no arguments, but it is possible to make it move differently based on how the command is said.

Pipe Xylophone Playing Machine

Produced by Iwate Industrial Technology Junior College Electronic Technology Department

We made the “Pipe Xylophone Playing Machine” for 2017’s graduation research. It can play 32 songs. A PIC microcomputer controller reads song data from SD cards to play them. The sounds are made as Pachinko balls hit each pipe as the solenoids shoot them out. It also can operate the solenoids by reading an electric keyboard’s MIDI signals.