Blackboard eraser dropper

Produced by keyperson

Everyone has dropped a blackboard eraser for fun, right? This “Blackboard Eraser Dropper” makes it easier and more enjoyable. Humorous experiences with this device will give you all kinds of possibilities. Why don’t you guys try it?

Socks Dropper

Produced by Kei Sawai

Approximately 30 hours in life is spent on putting up and taking off socks onto a small item hanger (Unofficial data). You shouldn’t be spending this much time doing that. So I created “Socks Dropper” and you can take in your socks in a flash. I made this without any calculating system.

Herbert hardness Tester

Produced by Matsubara Laboratory

Current Sword and Firearm Control Law controls edged tools only made of steel.By measuring hardness of cutting tools, such as titanium blades, we could scientifically prove the danger of these tools and control them under the Control Law. This pendulum type Harbert Hardness Tester enables a measurement of edged tools’ hardness, which are difficult to measure with a common tester. A solenoid is used as a very important part of this device.

Chin Chin Mamoru Kun

Produced by Chin_Chin_Sisters

This device rings the time bell for presentations.Be on time.

Jealousy Ichigo-Jam

Produced by Morishita

Raspberry Pi is more popular than Ichigo Jam. Ichigo Jam decided to challenge Raspberry Pi to a duel to change the current situation.However, Ichigo Jam was beaten. His frustration put him into intense training, and he finally mastered his lethal move. The system I developed expresses this move.

Busy morning helper

Produced by Team Shinkai Lab.

You guys know Iron Man, right? Isn’t he cool! Have you guys ever put something on automatically like him? I bet not. But you know what, I have! Because I have this busy morning helper! It puts a watch on your wrist while you are getting ready for work or school, having breakfast, or checking email with your other hand! Now I’m not afraid of oversleeping at all!

Match Lighter

Produced by Anonymous

Today, people barely need matches in this modern society. To swim against the current, we created an automatic match lighter!

Electric Toothbrush (LOL)

Produced by Anonymous

Ultrasonic toothbrush? How in the world can we trust such a thing? Boys and girls! Now is the time to use this item!


Produced by NANA

This system sends a huge number of stickers to a social media account. You could use it when you want to make your friends notice you. Attention: Only a few minutes of its use makes a big mess on your friend’s smartphone.

Auto keyboard harmonica player: Harmolon

Produced by nezumi_tech

We remodeled a keyboard harmonica and made it into an auto-play style.The sound comes out from the open-close movement of air valves tied to 32 solenoids. The air is sent manually by hand. As it deals with MIDI, it can play any music within its sound range.It’s great at high-speed play. It hits the keyboard 16 times per second. We are working on weight reduction since it’s currently 5 kg.

Electronic lock for those who think 100 steps is too much to walk.

Produced by _nt

It’s too much walking (100 steps) to get to our shared clubroom key, so we made this system that allows us to use common items as an electronic key.