Full automatic Waribashi (disposable chopsticks) splitter

Produced by Ariake Kosen Waribashi Project

Ariake Kosen Waribashi Project created this piece out of their pursuit of fun, beautiful Waribashi (disposable chopsticks) snapping. All you need for perfectly split Waribashi is just to put them into the slot. How interesting!
Only Ariake Kosen could create such a useful item! Behold Kosen students’dedicated young spirit, merely to snap those Waribashi!!! Must have! Waribashi splitter!

Wearable instrument Wear La Bell

Produced by BB Collie

You can’t dance or do anything else while playing musical instruments? …No, that’s not necessarily true, if you have this “wearable instrument Wear La Bell”! The instrument is equipped with 4 bells on each bracelet, for a total of 8 bells, and you can play 8 different sounds according to the movements of your fingers.

Delicious Rocket- Umaibo into the air

Produced by sweet electronics

It shoots up our famous national snack high into the air. A spring is used as its power source instead of a solenoid. We used a solenoid as its trigger. It is designed based on the model of Atlatl spear-thrower to stabilize the launching direction.


Produced by Junya Sakamoto

This is an automatic sound operated robot, which is physically mocking iPhone’s sound operation system “Siri”. As it is physically operated, it can automatically carry out most of the operations that smart phones can. My main purpose this time was to develop a sound operated assistant like Siri, but this machine has limitless other possibilities.

Slow Cooker

Produced by asukiaaa

This slow cooker simmers ingredients with a constant low temperature. I attached objects including an electromagnetic cooker and a solenoid. It cooks delicious meat dishes for you.


Produced by Shimilabo

Did you know that rubbing a mikan (clementine) makes it sweeter? I took this piece of grandma’s wisdom and put it into a shape using a solenoid. Modern society wants to have something tastier, with minimum time and effort… I created a machine for those needs by pursuing quality and efficiency. Why not enjoy sweet mikans with “Momikan” in a warm Kotatsu this winter?

F5 key pounder

Produced by Anonymous

You too can become a Youtuber with this!

Hammering Sound Test Device

Produced by Anonymous

Hammering sound test is currently done manually, as a type of nondestructive inspection. We developed a concrete wall inspection robot for potentially dangerous, high-up places.

Atozeki Device

Produced by Anonymous

Atozeki is one of Kumamoto’s dialects…

Balcony scare-sparrow

Produced by Noritaka Iwashita

A lot of people are struggling with damage caused by birds. They make a mess on hanging laundry. Sparrows keep you from sleeping in because they start chirping very early, etc.I came up with a way to scare them using this solenoid.

Scale with confession button

Produced by Suzuki and Nakayama, Model; Matsubara

One number higher on a scale affects girls drastically. One mere number can make them depressed. However, we invented this item. You don’t have to be swayed between joy and sorrow by just one small weight change, thanks to this solenoid.


Produced by MiyakouRadio

I made this “chopsticks-controller” for hospitality purposes. You can enjoy delicious meals even if you are not good at using chopsticks. These chopsticks hold the warmth of wood, reflecting Japanese spirit. They are a souvenir from an Okinawa school trip that sophomore students gave us. We made this video as a thank you to them.


Produced by NEXT-α Iizuka branch

This item was born from my simple idea: I wondered if I could make a walking device with solenoids. I just attached several solenoids to the sides of a box simply made with MDF, then connected them to a simple circuit operated by a simple controller. How unbelievable! It walks forward just by moving solenoids! Watch this world of number violence by solenoids.


Produced by Mokkun

This is a solenoid pillow from us to you non-morning people. We recruited funny guys as we wanted it to be something fun. Please enjoy the video. P.S. It’s manually operated. (There are people working really hard though you can’t see them.)

Mobile Shishi-Odoshi

Produced by Loop

This is a device that offers you great relaxation anytime, anywhere. It’s very easy to use. All you have to do is turn on the switch! Why don’t you carry this around to add some peace to your everyday life?


Produced by keiku

This is an excellent item that dispenses soap and sanitizer anytime, anywhere, just by waving your hand. It is full of functional beauty, and fits in any place.

Chatty Box♪

Produced by Sakura Electronics

Too shy to directly confess your feelings…“Chatty Box”delivers your messages for you! Record your words on an SD card, then insert it into Chatty Box♪. When you set it on a flat surface, it starts speaking out your message with its cute clip-clop movement.

Chocoball launcher

Produced by Anonymous

We grant your long-time childhood dream, an automatic Chocoball launcher! You can operate it with a remote, which is flexible for various different scenarios: “In a chair!””In a bed!””In a Kotatsu!”You can enjoy your Chocoball under any kind of situation. They must taste even better after watching them beautifully arch in the air. …Please overlook our flaws and details.

Locomotive Chou

Produced by Anonymous

Sometimes school teachers run out of chalk and have to pause their class… We made this device to make it more quick and fun when we take out more chalk. It is made from our childhood toy Pla-rail. We named it after “Thomas & Friends(Locomotive Thomas in Japanese ver.)”Enjoy the collaboration of Pla-rail and solenoid.


Produced by Anonymous

Haven’t you ever played a prank on your teacher? We brought our experiences back to life. You drop a blackboard eraser on your own timing, so you’ll never miss their head! …Maybe. LOL *Please don’t try this at your school. …Those guys in this video are specially trained.

Chocolate DEATHCO

Produced by K(18)

The deadline for this contest is near Valentine’s Day, so we created a chocolate crashing machine to forget our misery and spend this day more happily. We believe this item is very practical!


Phone call-only iPhone case

Produced by Anonymous

As we realized we spend too much time on our iPhones lately, we created a phone case that blocks all other functions.

Civet catcher & Mouse catcher

Produced by Anonymous

This is a countermeasure for grape tree mice in August. We bait them with food, but a thermosensitive sensor detects the mouse’s temperature and shuts the door itself.

Taiko no Tatsujin semi-auto playing device

Produced by Kamui

This is a machine that plays the famous musical game “Taiko no Tatsujin” semi-automatically. It’s equipped with a four-button input device powered by a solenoid. It enables you to play these super hard pieces perfectly, or to beat over 50 times per second. Behold “the speed” of the solenoid!