Butsudan communicator

Produced by Ulka no Sato

We realized an at-home communication method using a solenoid, so parents and their children who live away can think of each other.

book pusher

Produced by Sora Mame(beans)

This is a system that helps you with taking out a book from the shelf.


Produced by Takagi family

Our family is pretty noisy, so we made a device that detects noise and sounds an alarm when the noise level gets higher than its set limit. When the noise level reaches the limit, the solenoid in “Oshizukani” rings a hotel bell. A hotel bell’s sound carries very well, so it is suitable as an alarm. We hope this “Oshizukani” brings our family peaceful days… By Mom and Dad


Produced by Alkin Project Team

“Alkin” is a robot that plays our original music automatically. It plays 36 different sounds with 36 solenoids. If not the original, you can even play your MIDI data! This could be used for events like an entrance ceremony, where freshmen will be blown away! We are very excited about various opportunities where we could use this machine.

Go! Sole-Pen!

Produced by Links

I made a walking penguin using a pull-style solenoid. It kicks the ground using the solenoid’s straight-line motion. His walk is not perfect, but please consider my great effort!

Four-speed walking Turtle-noid

Produced by Tacopin

I made a four-speed walking robot with a solenoid.You can remote control it with a simple ON/OFF switch. It is controlled by Arduino.


Produced by P&D

Gukky is a talking denture. By selecting a Twitter user, it saves and vocalizes the tweet. You could use it when you feel alone at home, or when some stylish interior decorating is needed.

Sole Pan

Produced by kunihiro

Everyone must have done some tapping or flicking of a plastic pouch with powder in it. Especially those people who feed on instant noodles and soups have dedicated their time and effort on this troublesome task.This “Sole Pan” is created to solve that problem.

Study of Solenoid

Produced by TETRASTYLE

An experiment with solenoids, AKA incomplete work collection. We had a lot of fun doing this at handcraft space “Nano Labo” in Akihabara.

NemuNemu TonTon

Produced by Miho Yamada

This is for all moms and dads, whose kids never go to sleep without back tapping!It’s mom’s handmade back tapping machine for bed time!

Never Spill!

Produced by Cucumber Roll

It stops your paper cup from spilling, before your important document gets wet!

Morse Signal

Produced by Bayashi Gumi

We created a device that enters Katakana with Takaha Kiko’s solenoid and converts it into Morse code.
You can type letters just like you do on a cell phone. It shows 16 letters maximum.

Love Crusher

Produced by Mattsun

Guys! Do you know Valentine’s Day? It’s supposed to be a day boys get chocolate from girls… This video is for those feeling stressed on this annoying day♪


Produced by Teacher

I made a Shishiodoshi with a solenoid. It can be used indoors as water is not necessary.

Ground Leveler #1

Produced by Yuji Yamaguchi

“Ground Leveler #1” is an oscillator that works between gravity and a solenoid. Enjoy its beautiful parts placement, unique operating principle, and adorable movement.

Hybrid Recorder/Pipe Organ: RP-09

Produced by R-MONO Lab

A genuine pipe organ is too huge to put inside of our house, and its price varies from some millions to billions of yen. However, we successfully produced an original pipe organ a lot cheaper and smaller than the genuine pipe organ by replacing pipes with recorders. Please take a look at our special pipe organ that we have developed for this competition; an A4 paper-size pipe organ with keyboard, perhaps the world’s smallest pipe organ.

SoySoucerer -magician on Sushi plates-

Produced by Yunpon

This is an automatic soy sauce dispenser. When a plate is put under its sensor, it shoots say sauce onto it. The solenoid is controlled by Arduino and an ultrasonic sensor.

Won(bow-Wow)derfull HANNNA

Produced by GURURI Co., LTd.

This is an elephant-shaped robot “Hannna”, who plays with your beloved dog at home. Hannna’s little partner Hanzo also plays an important role.