FAQ about Products

Is the external diagram displaying the ON or OFF position?

The external diagram in the catalogue shows the energized ON position. The plunger is in contact with the body and has a stroke of 0. The return spring equipped push solenoid shows both the ON position, the magnetically held retracted position, and the return OFF position.

What is the life expectancy of your solenoids?

The life expectancy varies depending on how it is put to use. Loads perpendicular to the plunger action especially shorten a solenoid’s life. It also depends on things such as the surface treatment applied to the plunger, so please send us life expectancy inquiries including the type of solenoid and usage specs, i.e. voltage, load, mounting direction and so on.

Is the operating range limited to the range displayed in the pull force – stroke relationship graph?

Because solenoids are electromagnets, the further away from the coil the weaker the magnetic force and therefore the less stable the plunger is. The range displayed in the graph is the range of stable plunger retraction when horizontal. The operating range goes beyond this but the longer the stroke the less correctly the pull force operates.

If I tell you my requirements can you recommend the best solenoid?

Yes, we can recommend solenoids based on your needs. We recommend solenoids based only on the information we receive from the customer, however, so the final decision ultimately must be made by the customer.

Do you carry any water-resistant products?

Unfortunately we have no water-resistant or waterproof products. Please take care to avoid exposing solenoids to water or excess heat during use OR storage, as solenoids are electronic components.

Can you custom build solenoids based on specs we send you?

We can build custom solenoids whether based on a small change in specs or on large changes in specs that require custom die machining. We purchase and manufacture in lots so please inform us of the expected order size when sending specs.

FAQ about an online-order

What is the minimum order size?

Our minimum order size is 1 unit.

When will products be delivered?

The date of shipment for products in our catalogue may vary based on order size but we generally ship small orders on the same business day. Please see the Products page for detailed shipping information for individual products.

Do you sell springs or other fittings?

Springs, screws and other fittings are necessary to mount solenoids but unfortunately we do not sell these items.