Walking Robotic Penguin:Yotchichi–

Produced by Sendai Technical College Suenaga Laboratory

Explanation of the invention: Many bipedal walking robots walk with a motor while Yocchicchi walks with a solenoid. It is just like a penguin walking like a toddler. I put a lot of the effort to make the appearance good.

Automatic Keyboard Harmonica Player

Produced by nezumi_tech

As I cannot play the keyboard instrument, I modified a melodeon to automatically perform. It has to be blown air manually. It corresponds to MIDI standard. Compared to the last non-design Hamoron, the weight has been reduced by about 300 g, and performance speed and durability are improved.

Supporting Device for Going-Back-to-Sleeper

Produced by Susumu Kawashima

Set an alarm for the next morning before going to sleep. When the alarm goes off, I also wish that “I want to go to bed again … five more minutes ….” “Atogofundake”, the automatic sleeping over support machine, makes such wish come true. It is an epoch – making invention which detects the sound of an alarm clock and stop it automatically.


Produced by kunichiro

The solenoid knocks. It’s simple but there is more than one way to use. The solenoid knocks in response to a sound. How to use is very easy. Just turn on the switch and hang the strap on the door handle. When you cannot knock back immediately, or when you want to play a prank on someone, just hang solenock quickly.


Produced by Masahiro

It is a useful machine that I made by making use of the linear motion of solenoid as much as possible. It helps detach a sticker or a tape that does not come off even, or it will help peel off a small piece of tape left!

Full Automatic Wearable Nose Blowing Machine

Produced by Ariake Technical College Solecon Project

Hands-free nose blowing machine, which looks odd but stylish. Wiping a nose is not with a tissue paper, it’s a cloth!!!! You can reuse it by washing, and you can also use it again by the time it goes around to come back as it already gets dry! Environmentally friendly! With the three buttons on the top, you can pick the nose it blows. Excellent functionality too !!!

Sorting Machine

Produced by Hamarobo

It is an invention for craftsmen “I flipped over the screw box!” In such a case, dump the screws in this machine and press the button repeatedly. Screws, nuts and washers will be automatically sorted. It is “automatic”, but pressing the button is by hand.

Solenoid Bluetooth

Produced by casukiaaa

It is a box of solenoid that can be controlled with Bluetooth. Depending on the combination, you can easily make things like jack-in-the-box and music instruments. Thank you.

Wind generator

Produced by Anonymous

The fan makes you tired because you have to fan yourself, but “Wind generator” does the job for you. It is also convenient for carrying around with a portable battery. And it comes with a body that fits your hand well. This is a machine which Japanese tradition and solenoid are fused.

Human Controller

Produced by Anonymous

It is a device that can manipulate a human like a radio controlled device. It is a fun machine.

Mr. Solenoid (temporary)

Produced by Takopin

I tried to materialize the solecon character that I was interested in since I have been applying for the solenoid contest every time. Just by changing the operation timing of one solenoid, it can possibly make various movements.

Handsome kissing machine

Produced by Rina

I want to kiss. I fulfilled the dream. This is a handsome kissing machine. When a face approaches to a handsome kissing machine, the lips pop out. It pushes twice a second until you make your face away. Also, it is wearing casters and a string, you can experience like being caught by a handsome guy by pulling a string.

Locking /Unlocking Device for Pendulum Hardness Tester

Produced by Pochi

Received a request from the police, I made a fixing and releasing device for a pendulum type hardness tester for the edge of swords. Pendulum type hardness tester is placed on the cutting edge, fixed at a certain angle with a solenoid and pulled an iron core. The test machine is released. The testing machine starts rocking and measures the hardness of the cutting edge. The solenoid was used as a part of the portable fixing and releasing device.

Solenoid Alarm:Sole-Ala–

Produced by Team Shinkai Lab

This is a solenoid alarm clock named “Soleala”made by Team Shinkai Lab as a second version for “supporting your busy morning series.” For those who are not good at getting up in the morning, we provide you a groundbreaking wake-up devise linked with a smartphone.

Magnet Measuring Worm:– SOLECON4th

Produced by Anonymous

I made a toy which senses the magnetic force with a hall element and moves wings with sound. The higher the magnetic force is, the higher the sound is and the faster the wings speed is. As the magnets I prepared ere weak, the eyes do not glow, but when the magnetic force is strong enough, the eyes will also glow red.

Witch's Bloom Holder

Produced by Mr. Miho Yamada

This is a “Witch’s broom holder” using self-holding solenoid, produced instead of a broken broom hook. Witch lends it to you only for a minute, so let’s hurry up while the witch’s eyes are moving! In order to keep a promise with the witch, the cleaning should surely be faster!

The tick tack made of the solenoid

Produced by Zuni_

This is Tic Tac, a one second generator controlled by a solenoid without using a microcomputer. I made this as I felt attracted to the analog part of solenoid. As I was uncertain if this charm is understood by everyone, I attached a clock that has warmth to put in a living room.