Swimming turtle robot Sol kame

Produced by Tsuyama Technical College Environmental Fluid Technology Laboratoryt

Turtle shape robot using solenoids as a submersible propulsion system “Solekame”. In order to swing forelimbs, it has a spiral groove in the pull type solenoid to obtain rotational motion. Solenoid of a metal mass swimming elegantly will relax students stressed about their graduation thesis.

Min Min Min Da(ZZZ knocker)

Produced by BB Cory

Students’ enemy ‘falling asleep while studying’. Especially falling asleep before the exam is fatal. This “Min-min-da-huh” is developed to save such a crisis. If it senses that you are falling asleep, it blows your pen off and wakes you up with intense sound and vibration. In order to make it easier to schedule study time, the extra clock function is also added. You can study as much as you want with this!

Automatic Ruler Player Robot:Monoton

Produced by Yuto Tanaka

I tried making a robot “Monton” that automatically performs music using a ruler. I changed the length of the ruler with a servo and made it possible to play with a solenoid. By preparing the data of a song in advance, it can play fully automatically. It can also play the same way as a piano by installing keyboard units.

paper fan

Produced by Anonymous

A round fan was made by moving the solenoid slowly and changing the speed. Using prings seems to work better to prevent the noise. Even at limit S W, the last U turn is difficult. It detects people with infrared sensor and has a wind bell and music. In addition, I decided to slow start and stop at the beginning and end.


Produced by R-MONO Lab

When you play the keyboard, MIDI controlled solenoid drops a water drop! Sound and video are generated at the same time synchronizing with the water drop. It is an art work that fuses virtual and real. Water droplets are controlled by covering the air hole of a $1 soy sauce container (a hole that blocks with your index finger) with Takaha’s solenoid.


Produced by Anonymous

It is a hand using a solenoid created by a fourth-grade technical college student. As the grip is too weak, it is named “Weak-Hand”. The joint part is a rubber sheet and it fits any shape…? It can hold things in certain shapes relatively fine…

Daily Pad Calendar Ripper

Produced by NEXT + α Iizuka Branch

Have you ever forgotten turning a daily calendar? This is a “Daily Mecripper” to help you. One sheet a day, it automatically turns a daily calendar. It is essential for forgetful you. It also has manual mode, and you can turn as much as you want!

Automatic Responding Knocking Machine

Produced by Keitaro Iwasaki

Thank you.

Swimming fish robot

Produced by Neo Nomura

With this, I made a radio control fish robot that swims on the water surface, combining the parts of Tamiya model ‘s RC robot making set, etc., using the linear motion of the solenoid and moves the tail fin to the left and right. By switching the left and right button rhythmically, it swims swiftly or not, which I found fun and my fourth grade sister also enjoyed switching repeatedly.

Pride Protector

Produced by Anonymous

There are things you do not want your family to know, right? This is an innovative item to solve the problem that is common in families. The structure is simple, and it solves the problem with a single solenoid. What is this problem…?

Music Bell

Produced by Tsuchiura Industry High School

Music bell using solenoids. This is for a research assignment.

One Night Werewolf

Produced by oitaso suthia

It is a device that taps a desk with a one-night werewolf and gives out a sound.


Produced by Shimi lab

I made a machine to visualize a heart’s pounding with the solenoid’s movement. For those wondering why you can tell this feeling …! Try Dokimune!


Produced by Hiroshi Yonenaka, Misaki Onomata

It is a work that brought an inviting cat and rolling together. Using a solenoid and a magnet, it swings down the fortune cat ‘s arm and rolls a ball and Omikuji dice at the same time. If you leave it at the entrance with Omikuji dise, you can know the fortune of the day before going out.

Cotton candy machine

Produced by Yuji Uchiyama

Currently robots are active in various areas and they will increase more and more from now. However, they will not increase without the engineers who make robots. As a first step as an engineer to make robots, I made a robot to make cotton candies.

Human-Body Sensing Fragrance Spray Device

Produced by Kon Systsm Pro

It is a device which enables it to spray expensive and precious essential oil in a bottle without being exposed to the air.

Hey,wake up!

Produced by Hardware Engineering Laboratory

Not a morning person…this is a machine for a person like you!! The name is…”Hey, wake up!” Curtains will open according to an illuminance sensor. When the morning comes, it opens the curtains automatically!! No need to worry about sleeping in!

Automatic Welsh Onion Cutter

Produced by Takuto Mori

This is an “automatic green onion chopper”. You can cut green onions without using kitchen knife and a cutting board. Just turning on the switch, you can sprinkle onions like chill flakes. ※No worry of injuring yourself.

Timekeeper:Cosmo World

Produced by Kimura, Kazuma Matsumoto

This is a time keeper to be used at conferences etc. By arranging the full color LED in circle, the remaining time is visually easy to tell. Also by using a bell instead of an electronic buzzer, it does not give discomfort to a presenter. The machine is named after the Ferris wheel “Cosmo Clock 21” in Yokohama.


Produced by RoDEP B Team

I made a paper sumo game with solenoids.

Tako Pon No.3

Produced by Urka’s Mori

It is an automatic Tako(octopus) shape sausage making machine to help making a bento box every morning. It is called “octopus PON” because it sounds “Pon !!” when making sausages. Sausages are still made into a very short-feet octopus, but bear with it for now, I will do my best in the future to improve it.

IoT Solenoid, Solenoid Bot

Produced by TETRASTYLE

Today’s era is IoT! It is a chat robot compatible with a popular group chat application “slack” among IT companies. You can connect to WiFi with just a small board without PC and join a chat. It controls solenoid’s push operation by [On] [off] message. I can also reply to other simple messages. As it moves with batteries, it is convenient to attach on the back of an office chair.

Presidential Spring

Produced by sweet electronics

I made a case for a smart phone with a long stroke solenoid which you cannot take out a smartphone unless you say a password with Siri.
It could be used for protecting privacy, parental control, protecting confidential information and so on.

Drumstick providing Physical Hit Feels

Produced by Anonymous

By attaching a solenoid to a drum stick, you can get a sense of hitting when playing with a self-made drum application that you can play in virtual space. I used a hitting force when pushed by push solenoid to reproduce the feeling.