For Elise, with metallophone

Produced by Tatsuya Takeda

I made an “Auto Play Instrument” as part of my graduate study in 2014. A total of 32 solenoids are used according to its 32 bars. It is a micro-computer controlled auto play system. At this stage there are eight types of music it can play. It works with most of the MIDI standard, and it can be operated through the MIDI output from an electronic keyboard.

Judging Chocolatier

Produced by sweet electronics

This is a machine to shoot Takenoko No Sato at Kinoko No Yama.

Thesis Protector

Produced by Susumu Kawashima, Fumiya Sakai

Everyone must have gone through a sudden freeze of their computer in the middle of their thesis or document preparation, even before they could save the data.This “Thesis Protector” is a great invention to stop that tragedy from occurring. It presses Ctrl and S keys (shortcut combination to save data) to save your important data. With this, you will never waste your time even if you forget to save the data!

Mobile Air Cannon

Produced by kuwa

We miniaturized this familiar cardboard air cannon to improve its mobility.Also we successfully motorized it so there is no need to use hands, and we can keep shooting it endlessly until the cardboard wears out!


Produced by Department of Electrical and Electronic System Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Hiroshima College

Baseball Pinball is a familiar game that many people have played in childhood. We used solenoids to play it.We replaced “pitcher” and “batter” with solenoids.This game has another control switch on the other side of the pitcher mound, so two people can play face to face. Length 50cm, Width 50cm, Depth 8cm.

Pixel Art Printer

Produced by N.Hiroshi

Pixel arts have a retro atmosphere and are very fascinating.For this contest, I invented a printer to output “charming pixel arts”. You can make pixel graphics simply by scanning a picture from a computer. My biggest issue for this creation was to figure out how to hit the dots, but the solenoid solved the problem.

Solecon Mail Checker V2

Produced by Team Mushichika

Unfortunately our previous piece, mail checker, missed getting a prize. This time we made Mail Checker V2 as our new product. An Android terminal lifts up a flag using Takaha’s solenoid when it receives mail.

Eikirei Dance

Produced by Hero

“Ekirei Dance”is a liquid cooling system with impedance pumps. Impedance pumps are simply structured pumps with hard tubes attached to both ends of a soft tube. They transmit liquid by pressing an off-center position of the soft tube.Liquid cooling systems are getting more attention lately as a cooling method for computer parts such as the CPU. We connected a heat sink and liquid-cooled jacket on a 30w heater, which is mocking a CPU, with the hard tube. Then we put an impedance pump made with soft tube and a push solenoid (CB08470140) in the middle of it. The inside is filled with antifreeze. This video starts with an introduction of the whole system moving at frequency 26Hz using an oscillator and bipolar power, then shows how the push solenoid moves. Next, it shows how the tubes transmit the liquid using pressure. It obtains a 50ml flow rate per minute. Finally, it shows heat radiation with a thermography.

Sole Air Remocon

Produced by asukiaaaさん

I used a solenoid to make an air conditioner switch remote-controlled.

Rhythm Lock♪

Produced by Sakura Electronics

Rhythm Lock♪ locks your secret in a fun way. Only your own secret rhythm can release the lock.This video shows a “Secret notebook” that you release the lock on by playing the piano, and an advanced version “Present Box” that you clap your hands to open.Takaha solenoid is used for the lock structure. We made it with a 3D printer.

Pinball Machine

Produced by Toyama Auditory Support School Mechanical Engineering Course

This is a pinball machine operated by 11 solenoids connected to a micro-computer controller. We created our own structure by trial and error.We also added colorful illumination and a score display which visitors enjoyed a lot at our presentation.This is our graduation piece so we focused on fine craftsmanship.

Bowing Mascot: Rikishi Kun

Produced by Noritaka Iwashita

Solenoid CA0726 is used for this. It can be enlarged to the size of a child. I think we can use this as a “Welcome Mascot” for a kid’s store or at the entrance to sushi train places.

Gomashio Separator

Produced by Kei Sawai

I like solenoids. These days, anybody can develop an electronic device thanks to the large number of micro-computer and embedded equipment users. As solenoids have simple operation principles and a wide range of application, they are very useful devices to realize various development ideas. I believe solenoids are a high-affinity device in the physical computing field, so I made a special device “Gomashio Separater” that displays a “salt and sesame separation” process using a solenoid. I was always curious why “Gomashio” at cafes separates before I know it.Being shook by multiple people, the separation of sesame seeds and salt slowly occurs inside of the shaker.
If possible, I want to observe the separation process. This strong wish of mine drove me to create this separator. I confirmed that it can separate oregano from crazy salt, as well as sesame from Gomashio.
For the operation mode, there is an automatic separating function and a Mokugyo separating function. The manual operation with Mokugyo provides a change in the rhythm of the solenoid’s motion.

Pop-up Digital

Produced by Takopin

I used a solenoid for the trigger of “Pop-up Pirate” and made it computer-controlled so that the game would be more thrilling.You can adjust the hitting rate, and an internet match is possible when you make a second one. Enjoy your pirate life with this!!

Mechanical Stimulation Device

Produced by Shigekatsu Aizawa

This is a stimulation device for physiological experiments on pain. It is used to observe the reflex of nerves that feel pain (information carried to the brain by nerves) by pressuring an anesthetized rat or its skin with the nerves on. Previously I would stimulate (With a 2mm-thick stick) a reception field (an area feels pain) by converting the motor’s rotation into linear motion, but its vibration and backlash could not be avoided. This time I successfully reduced the backlash issue with a solenoid. I believe solenoids are operated by an ON/OFF switch generally, but it is used as a pushing device (It pushes 1g/s by sending out 10m v/s ramp wave from a waveform output unit) controlled by a load cell.

Finger Gun

Produced by Shinya Yuuki

This is a gun that shoots out BBs from a finger-shaped barrel.It shoots BBs by the solenoid releasing compressed air from a syringe. The hit rate might not be great, but the flying distance is amazing.

Smart Chopstick Rest

Produced by TETRASTYLE

I planned to make a table that pops out the chopstick rest automatically, but due to my budget I decided to use a tray instead.

Solenoid Swing

Produced by kit-dam

I made a robot that swings itself by shifting the center of its spherical body.

Sequencer Bell Player

Produced by Research team of electrical engineering course

We made a sequence controlling modeling device, that has solenoids play bells when a relay excites them with a push button. We have a manual play mode with the button and an auto play mode with a sequence program. A lot of elementary students lined up to see this device when we showed it at our school festival.


Produced by Anonymous

This item saves the time and effort for putting on and off reading glasses.


Drop Solenoid

Produced by Hiroki Bingo

I came up with this game that drops a pull solenoid. It is a solenoid reflex test with a stick. Whoever holds the switch decides when to cut the electricity flow to the solenoid. An iron core falls followed by a straw. There is a Pocky inside of the straw, so why not grab and eat it as your Valentine’s Day chocolate! Hand the switch to your girlfriend, now a fun date is guaranteed.

Happy Powder Maker

Produced by Sendai Kousen Suenaga Laboratory

You can easily turn your favorite snacks into powder with this device. Originally it was created as a Mochi maker. We used two solenoids for its rotation system to improve its speed and power, which enabled it to crush hard snacks like rice crackers and cookies. Put snacks into a zipped plastic bag and place it on a plate with a turning table. With the push of a switch, the solenoids swing a hammer and make “Happy Powder” in just a few minutes.

Excellent Mic

Produced by Eiji Miruno

Science Manga writer’s first piece for Sole-con

Rohm, electronic parts manufacturer, introduced this item in a comic story “Invention King?! Miruno Maker” episode 16 on their website for passionate engineers.
*This item is opted out of prize examination in regard to the participant’s will.

Team Making Cup Noodles Delicious

Produced by KTC Obou

It is a lid remover made with a solenoid. You can adjust firmness of noodles by a speed changer.