Star-shaped Solenoid Engine

Produced by Akira Hase

I accomplished this star-shaped engine using a solenoid. Although a video I found is the model for this piece, there are a lot of my original additions (Electric circuits, etc.). Please enjoy the video.


Produced by Hiroshima National College of Maritime Technology, Craftmanship Club

Generally eraser-supercar wheels are pushed by a knock-type pen, but we made it so we can push them with a solenoid and switch. It is a stable square-shape and very simply operated. Even small children could enjoy this with their friends.

Sound Of Takeda

Produced by Fukui Harue Technical High School “Sound Of Takeda” Production Committee

This is an auto-music playing device “Sound Of Takeda” we created in 2010. A sequencer sends signals as programmed, and plays music by operating solenoids.
Comment from Takaha Kiko; It is not mobile so we know this piece is not to be examined for the contest, but we wanted to share the video. We also have a video of the details.

Mail Checker

Produced by Sendai Kousen Suenaga Laboratory

This is a mail checker made with a solenoid. When a registered Gmail account receives an email, it notifies the user with its pop-up icon and a clicking sound.

iPAD Stylus Pen

Produced by Takayoshi Ashizawa

This is a “touch pen operated by a solenoid” you attach to an iPad screen for swiping. It swipes screens via an ON/OFF switch, and there are switches for both swiping forward and backward. Currently it is operated by a foot switch but a light sensor switch could be used, too.

Automatic Cradle No.3

Produced by Anonymous

With a plunger, I automated pendulum motion for a baby cradle.

Marshmallow Catapult

Produced by sweet electronics

Marshmallow Catapult is a marshmallow shooting machine. It aims its target with a joystick, and shoots out a marshmallow when you hit the button.

Boar Trap

Produced by Anonymous

This is a trap made with a solenoid to catch wild boars.

Solenoid Monster

Produced by Ittoku Kuwazu

My invention is this very strange robot that runs on the table freely. It moves by the oscillation of a pull solenoid. The oscillation is made by sending an ON-OFF rectangular wave to a pull solenoid, from a plunger with a spring attached. Its battery is lithium polymer and the size is 18×50×22mm. It’s an easy-made solenoid robot you can build within a day.


Produced by Shin Takeuchi

I created a guitar playing device that plays 12 tones with 7 resonance structures like a trumpet.I made a mechanical synthetic system with strings that shift tones. It is powered by a solenoid. A knocker made of a vibration motor forces the strings to vibrate, to play different sounds with the same resonate structure.

Zombie Music

Produced by Taro Yasuno

Zombie Music is a robot which plays a recorder with computer-operated solenoid fingers. Generally people try to make a music robot play familiar music for audiences, but mine didn’t turn out that way. It can’t play like a human, so I named it Zombie. I use compressed air with a manual control.

Bubble wrap pricker

Produced by Anonymous

It’s a device that pops bubble wrap.

Bump (Pop-up) Clock

Produced by National Institute of Technology, Kagawa Collage event team Dream Land

Most clock displays use 7 seg LED, but that is not too interesting. So we came up with a pop-up clock with a mechanical 7 seg display instead. We think it has some warm human manners with its simple clicking sound and imperfectly synchronized time display.

Solenoid BOXY Pen

Produced by Yasuyuki Suzuki

For this item, I used solenoids, a switch, battery and 3D printed pen. There is a magnet inside to pull the parts together instead of a screw, so I could easily take them apart. I used solenoids for both the pushing-out side and pulling-in side.


Push Sole Pilot

Produced by Anonymous

To make an auto-pilot yacht, we attached Raymarine ST1000 tiller pilot with a solenoid to its tiller. We were satisfied with its course-keeping, but we need to press a button on the tiller pilot to change the course, so we cheaply made it remote-controlled.

Solenoid Pop-up Pirate

Produced by TETRASTYLE さん

We provide a brand new experience for you, just by attaching a solenoid to this familiar toy…

ToneChimes Sanukite Auto Playing Device

Produced by National Institute of Technology Kagawa Collage, Department of Electro-Mechanical Systems Engineering, Misaki Laboratory

Our laboratory is working on the development of an auto-music playing solenoid device with Suzuki’s ToneChimes and stone instruments made of Kagawa’s unique Sanukite stone. It plays music when the solenoids receive a pulse signal from a note on a computer through a versatile MIDI signal output. We worked the hardest on reducing the noise of the solenoids’ motion, not using a muffling type solenoid. With our trial and error, we achieved minimizing the noise so that it does not interrupt the play.

Otamatone Auto Playing Robot “Autotama”

Produced by @1_83m

I created a robot that auto-plays music with a stepping motor and solenoid, using electronic instruments “Otamatone” by Meiwa Denki. The robot’s micro-computer decodes a MIDI signal from a computer and moves its keying unit to programmed scales.

Touchable Display with Push Solenoid

Produced by Shenjing Chen

This is a device that can add tactile elements (firmness, softness, roughness, etc.) to pictures on gadgets like tablets and smartphones.

Outboard motor Remote Electronic Control Device

Produced by Toshiyuki Takabatake

At trolling speed, it is quite hard for one person to keep the boat in position, as current outboard motors’ engines require frequent manual operation. I motorized the engine clutch’s ON/OFF and throttle control, and used an electromagnetic solenoid for their ON/OFF operation.

Other products

Center Shifting Type Autonomous Movement Robot

Produced by kit-dam

I made a robot that moves itself by shifting the center of its spherical body.

DTM(Desk Top Maywadenki) –Pounding Monkey ver.-

Produced by Shin Takeuchi

I remodeled a monkey doll bubble maker from a 100yen shop into Maywadenki’s “Punch-kun & Renda-chan” style. I put those monkeys into a tool similar to test tubes and operate them with four solenoids from both sides. Their heads don’t pop out. I am planning to decorate them with some costumes and make-up.