Application of Solenoids


OA and Information Equipment

– Paper feeding for printers.
– Multifunction printer
   (incl. FAX, stamp machine and others)
– Laser beam printer
– Inkjet printer
– Bubble jet printer
– Dot printer
– Thermal printer
– Office printing machine
– Plotter

solenoids used in printers

Office and sales equipment

– Cash box rock for cash registers
– ESR Printer
– ECR drawer
– Card reader for office and sales equipment
– Typewriter
– Card label printer
– Time recorder

solenoids used in cash register

Consumer, audio, visual equipments

– Audio equipment
– Video equipment
– Camera

solenoids used in music audio

Automobile, in-vehicle equipment and agricultural machinery

– Shift lock
– Steering lock
– Key lock
– Smart key
– HID light switching
– Industrial engine
– Hydraulic (oil) control
– Seat belt

solenoids used in cars

Home and daily equipment

– Opening/closing ventilation fan shutter
– Water tap flow control
– Gas equipment
– Oil equipment
– Home electronics
– Rice cooker
– Home security equipment
– Water wash equipment
– Water cleaner

solenoids used in door knobs

Industrial instruments

– Sewing machine
– Knitting machine
– Weaving machine
– Pneumatic equipment
– Hydraulic (water) equipment
– Professional large printer
– Commercial printing machine
– Train station & Airport equipment

solenoids used in sewing machines

Medical and health equipment

– Simple blood pressure gauge
– Massaging tool
– Medical equipment

solenoids used in simple blood pressure gauge

Game and entertainment equipments

– Pachinko throttle
– Ball Dispenser between
    Pachinko game machines.
– Game equipment

solenoids used in pinball game machines

Vending machines, ATM

– Currency equipment
– Bank equipment

solenoids used in atm